Get a subscription to the industry's leading online international e-commerce business certification course. Subscribe to the 90-day online version of this globally recognized e-commerce certification program from The Certificate in Online Business™ (COB). Master E-Commerce Business, Content Strategy & Customer Experience. Learn Web Merchandising for Optimum Sales and Gain an Introduction to Digital Marketing & Advertising

  • 90-days access to around 25-hours of high-impacting interactive online lessons and workshops (compatible with Tablets, Windows & Mac PCs)
  • Downloadable Secure E-Learning Versions of the Six Official COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Course Books
  • Your Digital Skills Authority exam administration fee*

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* Fee excludes exam invigilation (sitting) fee which is payable to your chosen authorised testing centre, or the Digital Skills Authority should you wish to take our Secure Live Remote Exam via Webcam.

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