Course Description

Subscribing here pays your COB administration fees for two exam tracks (from the following certifications: COB Certified E-Business Manager, COB Certified E-Commerce Manager or COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager), and gives you useful information to prepare and book your exam with an Authorised Testing Centre. Fees do not include the Authorised Testing Centre Exam Invigilation Fee which is payable directly to the testing centre. 

Our fee includes:

  • Provision of exam papers to Authorised Testing Centre
  • Marking of your exam paper(s)
  • Issue of results
  • Production and delivery of your exam certificate (if you pass the exam).

Exam Information and Testing Centres

You are not eligible to pay for Exam Administration unless you have attended a classroom COB Certified Manager course with us (and are resitting an exam) or are one of our Licensed Training Providers, or have an online course subscription license.

If you are resitting an exam, you will already have a Unique COB Certified Candidate Number, and will be required to provide this.

Helpful information to help you prepare, book and attend your exam, is provided in mini-course with this subscription.

Digital Skills Authority's Awarding Council

Digital Skills Authority Examinations Council

Examinations Council

Exam Information

    1. Step 1: Where and How Would You Like to Take Your Exam?

    2. Step 2: Your Unique COB Certified Candidate Number

    3. Exam Track Details

    4. Step 3: Book Your Exam

    5. Step 4: Sit Your Exam

    6. The Exam Format

    1. Your Exam Results

    2. Exam Certificate and Accreditation


  • $510.00